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Choosing a Chiropractor in Nazareth PA, Phillipsburg NJ and Easton

Easton Chiropractic Team

Our Staff- From left to right Michele C., Lisa G., Audrey F., Carmelina H., Dr. Anastasios Hatzakos, Evonne H., and Dr. George Hatzakos

Our Easton patients are our best referrals

Since we opened our doors back in 1996, we could not have imagined the vast number of wonderful patients that we have acquired over the years. When a patient comes in for an appointment, they are so pleased with the results of their care that soon their whole family is at Adelphia receiving the same quality care.

We are pleased to see how eager our patients are to refer others to our office…some referrals extending even outside the Lehigh Valley! It makes us happy to see that patients are so pleased with our practice, that patients are even willing to drive a further distance, if necessary to receive their care.

If you build it, they will come!

We’ve all heard that phrase…. well, here at Adelphia we believe we have built it…a family-owned foundation with knowledgeable doctors that can offer quality chiropractic care along with rehabilitative therapy.

Practice What you Preach

At Adelphia Chiropractic Health we certainly take this to heart! We believe that the best staff is a healthy staff and that’s why we encourage our staff to get adjusted regularly as well. The normal aches and pains of every day life occur in all of us and when left untreated it only gets worse affecting your attitude and performance. We encourage our staff to always ask questions and learn more about what they too can do to improve their health for themselves and for their families.

Whether it’s getting an adjustment or inquiring as to what dietary supplement, that we conveniently carry in our office, would best help their ailment …and believe it or not…even us doctors get an adjustment on a regular basis. We want to be the healthiest we can be to be able to give you the BEST CARE WE KNOW HOW BECAUSE OUR PATIENTS DESERVE ONLY THE BEST!!

We treat Athletes too!

One thing we notice, especially during the school year, is how many athletes we will treat. We have patients in kindergarten just starting out in flag football, middle school/high school patients experiencing pain from soccer or baseball, even athletes in college feeling the aches and pains of football, basketball or wrestling. Sports are great exercise and so much fun. So we always encourage athletes to make chiropractic care a part of their routine to always stay at the top of their game!!

Evonne Hatzakos, Insurance Billing Manager

Evonne Hatzakos, Billing and Insurance Coordinator

Barbara, Massage Therapist

Massage Therapist

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